Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Business Plan Competitions

Great ideas come from being frustrated.  I am frustrated with the way the business plan competitions operate and I promise I will keep my rant short.  For a community that claims to be incredibly innovative and cutting edge, having to submit stacks of paper business plans hardly seems to be either of those.  Judging is another issue that could use a facelift.  How is it cost or time effective to print out 10 copies of each plan to distribute to judges for them to lug around and them have them score the ideas on even more stacks of paper? 
While some competitions do offer online submission, it does not offer the flexibility and mobile access that the organizers, judges and participants need.  The concepts that appear in PitchBurner are designed to alleviate this problem but I still need some feedback.  Please post a comment or kick me an email if you have run a business plan competition or have participated in one.  I would love to hear your concerns and thoughts on how the process can get streamlined. 



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